16 Channels Control Box

Works with 380V/50Hz supply voltage.
Has a 5×32 3-Phase male plug on the supply input.
Motors can be controlled up and down individually with the 1-0-2 buttons.
Optimally, 4 motors can be work with one, multicore cable with a 19Pin Socapex connector.
Has a stop button to shut down all motors in case of an emergency.
Has a thermal overload relay on the outputs of each motor.
Has a 4x16A output plug on each motor.

1 QTY 380V/50Hz 5x32A Chassis Type Male Plug
1 QTY 3x63A Circuit Breaker
16 QTY 380V/50Hz 4x16A Chassis Type Plug
16 QTY 2,5 – 4A Thermal Overload Relay
1 QTY Stop Button
1 QTY Start Button
16 QTY 1-0-2 Selector Switch
4 QTY 19Pin Socapex Connector